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U2S-132x080 - UnioBox 2 Extruded Aluminium Enclosures
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U2S-132x080 - Product Information
Part No U2S-132x080
Product Series UnioBox 2 Extruded Aluminium Enclosures
Colour Silver
Contents 2 x 2U Side Extrusions, 2 Front Panels, 1 Top and Base Panel, and 8 Screws
Material Aluminium
Dimensions (mm) 80mm x 132mm x 82mm
Dimensions (Inches) 3.15" x 5.20" x 3.23"
Technical Drawings
RoHS Compliant Yes
REACH Compliant Yes
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UnioBox 2 Series - Extruded Aluminium Enclosures and Product Accessories
Custom Extrusion Lengths and Widths Available
Product Features:
  • Standard extrusion lengths of 80mm, 120mm, 160mm and 220mm. Custom extrusion lengths are available, for more information please contact us.
  • Standard extrusion widths of 104mm, 132mm, 164mm and 224mm. Custom extrusion widths are available, for more information please contact us.
  • Extrusion height is fixed at 82mm (2U).
  • P.C. Board Sizes:
    • Maximum component width of 200mm.
    • Maximum component height of 55mm.
  • Standard anodised colour is Silver. Custom colours are available upon request, i.e. Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Green etc, for more information please contact us.
  • Manufactured in Aluminium 6063 T6.
  • A large range of accessories are available including mounting lugs (ABS and Aluminium), DIN rail clips, carrier plates for P.C. Boards, assembly screws, plastic end bezels, sealing kits and protective rubber feet.
Lincoln Binns Enclosures
KGA Enclosures Ltd are full authorised distributors of the Lincoln Binns Enclosures product range. The entire Lincoln Binns Enclosures range is available from KGA Enclosures Ltd at great competitive pricing and with full customisation options on all applicable products.

To purchase any product or for more information on any product offered, simply call (+44) 01535 636856 or E-Mail: sales@kgaenclosures.com, where we will be happy to assist you.
Information/Purchase Request
For more information on any product, or to purchase/buy any product, please email sales@kgaenclosures.com and include the following:
  • Company / Contact Name
  • Full Delivery Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Confirmation of Part Number and Quantities Required
Or call 01535 636856. We aim to answer all E-Mail inquiries as quickly as possible.
Product Customisation Options
What makes KGA Enclosures Ltd different from most other larger distributors is that we offer full customisation services on all enclosures and accessories. All customisation work is undertaken by the relevant supplier, (some small projects are done utilizing outside contractors) at their own manufacturing facilities. These services include milling or punching holes and slots into the enclosure or end plates for cables, connectors, switches, etc. Printing and silk screening services allow for the addition of text, logos, and graphics onto both the enclosure and end plates, to allow the end user to easily identify the product and also to give the final product a more elegant finish.
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UnioBox 2 - Lincoln Binns Enclosures at KGA Enclosures Ltd
Lincoln Binns - Customisation Services
UnioBox 2, 3 and 66 Extruded Aluminium Enclosures
  • The UnioBox Enclosure is a 6 piece enclosure kit that can be customised to suit your requirements.
  • Any lengths up to 1.5 meters for UK Shipping.
  • Any lengths up to 1 meter for World Wide Shipping.
  • Any width up to 500mm.
  • UnioBox 2 - Maximum PCB Component Height 55mm.
  • UnioBox 3 - Maximum PCB Component Height 95mm.
  • UnioBox 66 - Maximum PCB Component Height 45mm.
Lincoln Binns Enclosures Customisation Services
  • Extrusion can be cut to any length from 40mm to 1500mm for UK Shipping.
  • Extrusion can be cut to any length from 40mm to 1000mm for World Wide Shipping.
  • Cut tolerance: -0mm to 0.5mm.
  • Surface finish: Anodised, Anti-Corrosion or Powder Coated.
  • Custom anodised colours available including blue and red.
  • Milled cut-outs.
  • Laser marking or digital print.
End, Top and Base Plates
  • From 1.5mm up to 10mm thickness - End Plates.
  • 2.0mm or 3.0mm - Top, bottom and base plates.
  • 19" Rack mount capabilities.
  • Aluminium, Zintec or Acrylic material options.
  • Various surface finishes and colour options.
  • Milled or punched cut-outs.
  • Laser marking or digital print.
Carrier Plates
  • Manufactured to specified dimensions.
  • Various surface finishes and colour options.
  • Punched cut-outs.
  • Laser marking or digital print.

Part No - U2S-132x080