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Lincoln Binns - UnioBox 2, 3 and 66 Extruded Aluminium Enclosures
UnioBox Extruded Aluminium Enclosures

The UnioBox Extruded Aluminium Enclosures are manufactured and customised by Lincoln Binns Ltd in the United Kingdom. The UnioBox Enclosure range is distributed by KGA Enclosures on behalf of Lincoln Binns. The UnioBox Enclosures are available in standard extrusion lengths of 80mm, 120mm, 160mm and 220mm with custom extrusion lengths available upon request. The UnioBox Enclosures are available in standard widths of 104mm, 132mm, 164mm and 224mm with custom extrusion widths available upon request. The height differs from series to series. Anodised colour options include, black and silver. Silver is available to be purchased individually, whilst black and any custom colour required are all supplied with a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces, the same order quantities also applies to the aluminium end plates. The extrusions are supplied with 2 End Plates, 1 Top and 1 Bottom Belly Plate and 8 Assembly Screws, however these can be ordered individually if end plates are not required. A large range of product accessories are available more information on all accessories can be found below. Don't forget all products are available with full customisation options.

This extrusion is manufactured in Aluminium 6063 T6 (HE9). Silver anodised 5μm or black anodised 15μm to BS1615. The end plates and top / bottom belly plates are manufactured in Aluminium 5251 H22 sheet 1.5mm thick clear anodised 5μm or black anodised 15μm. The end plates and belly plates are available in two finished black anodised or silver anodised.

The UnioBox Enclosures have top and bottom belly plates which slide on and off allowing the end user / manufacturing easier access to the component inside the extrusion. The top and bottom plates are secured into place once the end plates are re-secured to the extrusion, meaning only one end plate has to be removed for access to the components inside of the enclosures. Custom extrusion length are available, and with the top and bottom belly plates both removable we can also offer customs widths, simply by cutting the belly plates to the required width and length. Fore more information on this option please contact us.

Product accessories for the UnioBox Enclosures include self tapping, these need to be ordered separately if required. We recommend silver screws for silver and blue enclosures, and black screws for black and red enclosures. Aluminium and Acrylic end plates are available for each enclosure, the se again need to be ordered separately from the extrusion, The aluminium end plates are available in 4 standard colour options include black, blue, red and silver, minimum order quantities applies for blue, red and any custom colour required of 10 pieces. Acrylic end plates are also available, these are available in 3 standard colour options of black, clear and smoke, these are all sold individually, while any custom colour have a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces. Acrylic end plates are ideal fro any RF / Wi-Fi project, due to the increase in signal strength being able to pass through acrylic, we still recommend an aerial for full signal coverage. Aluminium and Acrylic end plates are available with full customisation services. ABS mounting brackets are available, making it easy to secure the finished product to walls, bulkheads, doors and any other surfaces required. The ABS mounting brackets are available in 1 standard colour black, and in one standard length of 40mm, these are sold as a complete set. The ABS mounting bracket is installed onto the extrusion using a simple snap / clip on system, they are installed on the corner of the extrusion, once installed they remain in place, they are simply removed by snapping them off the extrusion. These are ideal for products where they will be constantly mounted and de-mounted during the products working life. Aluminium carrier plates are available, we can offer standard and customised carrier plates to ensure a safe and perfect fit for any circuit board size, when manufacturing customised carrier plates we do like to a have circuit board supplied to allow our team of engineer's to create the perfect carrier plates (Non-Disclosure Agreements can be signed if required). All carrier plates are available individually but are only available in a rough silver aluminium finish. Protective rubber feet complete the range, offering a little more protection when placed on surfaces. Rubber feet are available in either black or grey.

KGA Enclosures Ltd offers a full customisation service on both the extrusions and end plates (Aluminium and Acrylic Options). Milling, punching and stamping is all available for the addition of holes and slots to meet all requirements for connectors, Led's, antenna's and all other requirements. Printing, laser engraving and silk screening services are available, allowing for the addition of text and logo's, which will allow the end users to easily identify lights, switch's and cables. All customisation services are available at very competitive pricing and all with low minimum order quantities. To see how KGA Enclosures can assist you with any current or future projects simply email your technical drawings to or call +44 (0)1535 636856 for a free no obligations quote. Please note when products are customised payment terms differ from standard products.

  Range 1 - 4 PCB Dimensions  
  Product Series Max PCB Component Width Max PCB Component Height  
UnioBox 2 220mm 55mm
UnioBox 3 220mm 95mm
UnioBox 66 220mm 45mm
Custom Extrusion Widths and Lengths are available - 4mm needs to be added to circuit board width to calculate extrusion width.
  UnioBox Customisation Services  
  Customisation Services Extrusion All Plates  
Milled Holes Yes Yes
Punched Holes No Yes
Custom Colours Yes Yes
Printed Text Yes Yes
Other Options Custom Lengths and Widths Milled From Solid / Custom Lengths and Widths
UnioBox Enclosures Dimensions