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1590BFLBK - Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures

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1590BFLBK - 1590 Series
Price Breakdown
1+ £7.75
10+ £7.13
25+ £6.97
50+ £6.74
100+ £6.66
250+ £6.59
500+ £6.51
1000+ £6.47
2500+ £6.39
Prices shown excludes VAT

Buy / Purchase the 1590BFLBK from an authorised Hammond Enclosures Distributor. At great low prices, world wide shipping and fast delivery times.

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Product Specifications
Part No
MaterialAluminium (Die-Cast Alloy)
IP RatingIP54
Technical Drawingspdf dxf stp 3d
RoHS Compliant Yes
REACH Compliant Yes
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1590 Series Diecast Aluminium Enclosures
General Purpose, Wall-Mounting, Water-Tight, Colour Options
Product Features
  • Rugged, diecast aluminium alloy (tough - yet east to machine), electronic instrument enclosure.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water. Also provides for improved EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Unpainted version is vibra finished for a smooth surface with no sharp edges.
  • Textured black version is coated with tough polyester powder paint for a lasting finish, even after machining. Black screws are included to enhance appearance.
  • Includes screws threaded into factory-tapped holes. Screw type and quantity vary.
  • Standard versions are designed to meet IP54.
  • Water-tight versions are designed to meet IP65 and include a gasket. Gasket is supplied loose inside the enclosure (not pre-installed).
  • Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy P.C. board mounting.
Product Notes
  • Lid height is 0.16" (4mm).
  • Don't forget to order the watertight screws (stainless steel with o-ring) when converting a standard enclosure to a water-tight box.
IP65 Gasket Kits
  • Each kit includes two pre-formed silicone gaskets.
  • Gaskets include adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Allows enclosure to be machined and/or painted first and gasketed later.
  • Gasket is applied to the lid.
  • Gasket as a temperature rating of -40C to +150C.
  • Designed to meet IP65 with properly installed gasket and lid screws torqued to 25-30 cN.m (36-43
  • Please refer to the product data sheet for product compatibility.
Related Products
  • Nine of the popular "Stomp Box" sizes are also available in a variety of colours. See the 1590-STOMP Series for details.
  • Three of the popular sizes are also available in diecast zinc (1590K4 Series). The zinc alloy is heavy weight, high impact and easy to machine and plate.
  • The 1590-RIBBED Series features internal vertical ribs on the side walls.
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Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures

KGA Enclosures Ltd are full authorised distributors of the Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures product range. This entire range is available from KGA Enclosures Ltd at great competitive pricing and with full customisation options on all applicable products.

To purchase any product or for more information on any product, simply call (+44) 01535 636856 or E-Mail:, where we will be happy to assist you. Or view the related product ranges from Hammond Manufacturing, which are all available from KGA Enclosures Ltd.
1590 Series - Hammond Manufacturing Enclosures - KGA Enclosures Ltd
Hammond Manufacturing - Customisation Services
Modified Electronic Enclosures
Almost every enclosure will need some kind of modification to be useful. In house modifications can be tedious, over complicated and a distraction from your main core business. A third party shop can add time and expense. Let us help you to deliver quality products made to your exact specifications.
Hammond Manufacturing Customisation Services
Why choose Hammond Manufacturing to modify your enclosure
  • Hammond Manufacturing offers a wide selection and massive inventory of enclosures ready to be modified.
  • Typically the minimum order quantity is 25 pieces. This can vary depending on product and service required. Please note KGA Enclosures does not add on any charges.
  • Hammond has an experience enclosure modification team and two dedicated modification facilities in North America and the United Kingdom. They are knowledgeable, available and capable.
  • Hammond Manufacturing helps eliminate scrap and design errors with approval drawings to confirm correct interpretation of your deign required. Many orders will also include a fast delivery of sample enclosures for your inspection. These steps ensure that your assembly fits perfectly before heading into the mass production stage.
Popular modification services offered:
  • Holes
  • Cutouts
  • Tapping and countersinking.
  • Pressed-in hardware (Studs, Standoffs)
  • Silk screening
  • UV Printing
  • Special colours
  • Special length extrusions
  • Pre-Installed accessories
  • Available services vary by product
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