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Deltron Components Product Range | Phono Connectors | Line Socket

Professional Phono Line Socket
Product Features
  • Professional phono line sockets manufactured from turned brass, with spring cable strain relief.
  • Suitable applications include:
    • Recording equipment
    • Test instrumentation
    • Audiophile equipment
    • Amplifiers
    • Interconnect cable assemblies
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Deltron Manufacturing Components

KGA Enclosures Ltd are full authorised distributors of the Deltron Manufacturing Components product range. This entire range is available from KGA Enclosures Ltd at great competitive pricing and with full customisation options on all applicable products.

To purchase any product or for more information on any product, simply call (+44) 01535 636856 or E-Mail:, where we will be happy to assist you. Or view the related product ranges from Deltron Manufacturing, which are all available from KGA Enclosures Ltd.
Line Socket - Deltron Components - KGA Enclosures Ltd
Product Options
Part No Material Insulant Finish Cable Range Ø 100+ 250+ 500+ More
340-0000 Brass Noryl SE1 Nickel 5.5mm max £1.11 £1.09 £1.07 More....
340-0500 Brass Noryl SE1 Nickel 5.5mm max P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. More....
341-0000 Brass Noryl SE1 Gold 5.5mm max £1.92 £1.88 £1.85 More....
341-0100 Brass Noryl SE1 Gold 5.5mm max P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. More....
341-0500 Brass Noryl SE1 Gold 5.5mm max P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. More....
342-0000 Brass Noryl SE1 Black 5.5mm max £1.78 £1.75 £1.72 More....
342-0100 Brass Noryl SE1 Black 5.5mm max P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. More....
342-0500 Brass Noryl SE1 Black 5.5mm max P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. More....
433-0100 Brass Nickel 4.1mm 50 V ac P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. More....
For more detailed information please click part number
Deltron Manufacturing - Customisation Services
Benefits of customisation with Deltron Enclosures
  • Take advantage of low MOQ's or high volume production runs.
  • Reduced lead times, reducing your time to market.
  • Competitive pricing which helps your budget go further. Please note KGA Enclosures does not add any further charges.
  • Deltron's engineering team can help you to determine the appropriate enclosure solution.
  • The enclosure will be ready for immediate installation once on site.
Deltron Enclosures Customisation Services
Drilling, tapping, milling, louvre's, PEM's, insertion of windows, handles or slots and more, to prepare the enclosure for the assembly stage.
Coatings / Chemical Treatments
Enhance the protection of the enclosure by adding a coating or chemical treatment. Deltron offer's textures, powder coating of smooth nylon coating as standard, to offer protection from corrosion UV lights, and oils, other treatments are available on request.
Painting / Printing
Select an attention grabbing red for health and safety purpose, or choose a light colour for an aesthetically pleasing enclosure that blends into the background. Just provide the Pantone / RAL reference for a custom colour. Incorporate your logo or a specification / product code with the printing options which includes silk screening or engraving services.
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